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4 Keys To Being an Entrepreneur In Your Workplace by Emmanuel Woyome

August 25, 2014

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, not a profession. Entrepreneurship is a behaviour trait or character, which everyone can learn to develop. Being an entrepreneur is an attitude of taking risk, being proactive, innovative, a problem-solver and a change agent at work. You do not need to start your own company as the CEO to […]

PayPal might not come to Ghana soon

PayPal Might Never Come to Ghana Despite Launching in Nigeria: Here’s Why

Considering the launch of PayPal in 5 African countries in June which includes Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, many Ghanaians are raising their hopes that finally, PayPal is going to launch in Ghana too. At the same time, some are also struggling to understand why Ghana is not in the shortlist of 5 African countries […]

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