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Jobs in Ghana 2015

Jobs in Ghana 2015? – 3 Things You Should Do Before Applying to Any Job Posting

September 9, 2014

I recently spoke with a senior executive of one of the largest staffing firms in the world. She said something that blew me away – “Less than 5% of her firm’s thousands of placements per year came from people responding to job postings.” Most were people who followed the company and were already in its […]

4 Keys To Being an Entrepreneur In Your Workplace by Emmanuel Woyome

August 25, 2014

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, not a profession. Entrepreneurship is a behaviour trait or character, which everyone can learn to develop. Being an entrepreneur is an attitude of taking risk, being proactive, innovative, a problem-solver and a change agent at work. You do not need to start your own company as the CEO to […]