Scholarships for African Students 2014 / 2015

Latest Scholarships for African Students, 2014 / 2015

Are you an African student? Have you recently graduated from Senior High School or any university in Africa and want to pursue your post-graduate or under-graduate degree outside Africa such as America, Europe or Asia? JobHouse Scholarships is your no.1 website or online platform for all you African Student Scholarships.

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We have the latest scholarships from countries such as USA, Norway, Canada, Japan, UK, Italy, Korea, China and Continents such as Europe, Asia etc in 2014 and 2015? We have latest African student scholarships. We have scholarships for Ghana students, Nigeria students, Kenya students, South Africa students, Tanzania students, Zimbabwe Students,  and more.

Click on the appropriate link below and view the scholarships available for your country or just click on the general link for all African countries:

Scholarships for African Students – All African Countries

Scholarships for Ghana Students

Scholarships for Nigeria Students

Scholarships for Kenya Students

Scholarships for Tanzania Students

Scholarships for Zimbabwe Students

Scholarships for South Africa Students

Scholarships for Uganda Students

Scholarships for Liberia Students

Scholarships for Namibia Students

Our Scholarships cover all areas or fields of study such as Environmental Science, Oil and Gas, Political Science, Governance, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Sciences in general, Social Sciences in general etc. If you are serious about getting your scholarship in 2014 or 2015 then bookmark this page.

We go the extra length to research and list only relevant scholarships for our followers. Many African graduates get scholarships from our website and you will not be an exception. Just visit us once a while and your efforts will not be in vain.

Here the latest scholarships:

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